Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reflections and Resolutions

On the days between Christmas and New Year's, I find myself doing a lot of reflecting. On our first married Christmas. On this past year and all the huge leaps we took. And on some goals for the year 2010.

We hosted our families this year for Christmas, giving our bedroom to my parents, our guest bedroom to his Mom and sister, and taking the air mattress for ourselves. By all measures, I would classify this Christmas as a technical success: all the food I prepared turned out great, our tree stood tall and beautiful over a plethora of gifts, there was no public screaming or crying, and everyone traveled to and from our house safely. So that's good. Some lessons learned:

1) During a snowstorm, don't park your car where it will be buried for a whole week, because you never know when you're going to need to take your pet to the animal emergency room. Cab companies aren't fond of animals and are especially pissy during snowstorms.
2) When people are gnawing away at your last nerve, just keep yourself busy (because its not as if you can take a break anyways).
3) Shoveling wet, heavy snow is a great way to simultaneously burn calories and frustration.

2009 has been pretty remarkable. A few highlights:
1) Ringing in the New Year in Liberia, singing "Happy New Year, We No Die!" with great friends.
2) Being engaged and collaborating on our wedding.
3) Buying our first home.
4) Getting married to my best friend.
5) Not losing my mind with #3-4 whilst also starting a new job.

And finally some goals for 2010:
1) Nest, nest, nest. Read new books, plant a garden, drink lots of new wines with husband and take time to reflect and ruminate.
2) Get active. Take advantage of the pool, tennis courts and track in our backyard. Go camping with the new gear.
3) Pay off the wedding and then save, save, save.
4) Go on lots of fun dates with the husband.

And aside from all the reflecting and resolving, I'm really enjoying the leftovers, the quiet home and the quiet workplace.

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  1. Saw your link on APW (I am also a "grad"). Great wedding! We also have given up our bed for a holiday invasion!