Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garden Status Update

Before I get to my garden status update, can I just say: "McCain, Chambliss & Roberts: WTF?"  These guys complained to Agriculture Secretary about how the USDA Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food initiative supports small farmers and producers instead of the big guys.  Um, really?  Is bitching about farmer's markets and regional food systems really how you should be spending your time? When our kids are fat and growing fatter (despite the First Lady's best efforts)? Please.  OK, thats all I got.

Anyway, check it ooooout:

Compared with this:

Yezzirrrr, thats ma garden.  And I got the hubs to take on a little project for me to add a little pizzaz to the carport fence.  Check it:
Cute, right?

Some herbs.

Some succulents.

And some succulent leaves that I cut and am hoping to propogate.

I'm pretty pumped.  The end.

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