Friday, August 6, 2010

TGIFF Musical Selection

Keepin it local with a very DC-centric video.  Absent of helicopter shots of the Capitol, this video features tabi Bonney (the dapper Clark Kent/Superman) and his fixi crew cruising by the Marie Reed center, the V Street police station, El Tamarindo,  17th St, and downtown.  Also look out for Murs who makes a brief couple of appearances in the video. Tabi Bonney apparently came up in the DC scene (though originally from Togo, West Africa) and has collaborated with Raheem DeVaughn.  He also has a song that you will want out of your head as soon as it gets in (the POCKet)

Happy Friday y'all, and don't forget to recycle!  Perhaps next week I'll actually do some garden related posts.

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