Friday, April 23, 2010

TGIFF Musical Selection

TGIFF, y'all.  At the genius request of my friend Pat, I wanted to post this video for today's Friday Musical Selections:  Unfortunately, they disabled the embed code, so I'm not able to embed the video.  But I highly suggest you click through to check it out - The Very Best, "Warm Heart of Africa" - great song, amazing video. You won't regret it. 

But I wanted to include an actual embedded video this Friday, so today's blog post is a twofer! (Twofer: when you get two things for the effort, price, time, or space of one. Ex- "Hey, I can use this room as an entertainment room and a guest room--it's a twofer!")

From Zion I - Geek to the Beat.  I freaking love this track and the video is pretty awesome (think modern day Alice in Wonderland).

Zion I "Geek To The Beat" from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

Happy Friday! And Happy Belated Earth Day! 

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