Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our DIY Save the Dates

When Daniel and I decided to send Save the Dates, we knew we wanted to send something fun that would set the tone for our wedding.  Inspired by the DIY projects seen on wedding blogs*, we decided to go the photo strip/gocco route.  Here's the play by play of our craftiness:

1. Buy paper/envelopes at Paper Source.  We went with the "cement", as it was on sale and crafty-looking.

2. Take fun photos with your Macbook and then spend hours in photoshop trying to put them into strip-form and balance lighting so that Daniel's face is visible and mine isn't glowing white. We may be crafty, but tech-savvy we are not.

3. Print photo strips on your home printer on photo paper. Cut em out.

4. Cut paper-source paper into whatever size backing you want (we wanted them big enough so that we could gocco our wedding info onto the bottom).

5. Get your gocco on!  We chose red ink because it would pop against the neutral paper and the black/white photo.  

6. Trim the paper so that it fits nicely into the cute envelopes you bought.

7. Put the photo strips into the little black photo corners, adhere to the paper, and admire your crafty product.

To finish it all off, we typed up all the names/addresses and printed em out on clear labels. We took 'em to the post office, dropped 'em in the mail, and just waited for the compliments to roll in. And they did. :)

*many wedding bloggers refer to Save the Dates as STDs but not even my devoted love of efficiency will get me to refer to our wedding stationery as an STD. no way, jose. 

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