Tuesday, June 9, 2009

They may be right, We may be crazy

(name that reference!)

SO. With so much of our wedding planning done, I've found the perfect way to occupy our time and (my) obsessive-compulsive energy: buy a house! Yep, putting most of the money we've saved up to pay for our wedding (with cash) into a downpayment for a house does seem slightly insane, but so does not putting an offer on a totally renovated rowhouse with brand-spankin-new everything that is in our price range (because, you see, DC rowhouses that are beautiful and move-in ready are quickly scooped up, leaving only the serious fixer-uppers with fatal flaws). We'll be fine if we get rejected, but we'd hate to look back at this sparkling rowhouse and think "what if...". So thats why we decided to write up an offer at 11pm last night. Stay tuned...

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