Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Physical Manifestations of Stress

So, kids - buying a home, changing jobs and getting married within 4 months is no joke. Serious. But I'm learning a lot of adult things and a lot about myself, like the fact that my left eye twitches when I'm under severe stress. And I'm experiencing some serious stomach discomfort that I think is another physical manifestation of my stress. Or maybe it is lactose intolerance (yesterday's macaroni and cheese?).

But in this week before Father's Day, I'm really appreciating my Dad. He's been a voice of reason and of encouragement. And he has single-handedly turned my hellish morning around with this little gem that he included in his email to me a few minutes ago: "P.S. I'm taking the "Harrassment In The Workplace" CBT ... ann'l requirement by Thrivent. I've learned that I can't pro-long a hug."

Thanks Dad. You are truly the best!

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